This Time Traveller's Guide is being developed to enable us all to better understand the story of the places we visit, or indeed live in.  It will also help heritage detectives to uncover the story of a place over time - it will NEVER be complete,  we will keep adding to it as our knowledge grows.




  1. PARISH HISTORY  Parish history presented on timelines and as moments in time.
  2. THE CHURCHES GAZETTEER This gazetteer links to parish churches all over Worcestershire and to the Teme Valley churches in Shropshire and Herefordshire.
  3. THE INFORMATION LIBRARY    A series of easily digested articles providing background information for explorers, especially those on heritage quests.
  4. OLD MAPS, PLANS & IMAGES  These interesting documents help in all sorts of ways, they are also full of interest.

If you can add anything, or if you spot any inaccuracies please let us know.