Make wonder cards and use the timeline.
Make wonder cards and use the timeline.

To make a wonder card you will need:

  • A wonder card template
  • An image of your wonder point
  • A piece of writing to go on the back of your wonder card.
  • Some firm paper A4 size.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Wonder card template copy.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 651.4 KB
The wonder card template with boxes for landscape and portrait images.
The wonder card template with boxes for landscape and portrait images.

Click on the ‘DOWNLOAD.’ Your template will come to you as a Pdf file and look like the illustration on the left. It contains two templates, one for a portrait style image the other for a landscape shaped image.   Choose the template that best suits your picture.  

There are several ways to make a wonder card so read through these instructions and follow the ones that best suit your circumstances.

Before you start:

Prepare your image

The boxes are quite small so you may find that you need to enlarge your image and clip away any material that you do not need. 

Prepare your text.

Write the words that will go inside the box on the left hand side of the template. You will not be able to use many words so make sure that you include:

  • What you have found,
  • Where you found it, and
  • When you think it was made.  

 When you have put your image and your piece of writing on your template cut it out, fold the paper in half and stick the two sides together!


  1. Print your wonder card template.
  2. Choose and cut out the template that best suits the shape of your image.
  3. Prepare your image and stick it in the box on the front to the template
  4. Prepare your writing and write the words in the empty box on the back of the template. It may be a good idea to practise writing the words you have prepared to make sure that they fit the space on the back.  On a separate piece of paper draw a box the size of the space on the back and practise writing inside the box.  When you are happy you can then stick the paper into the space or write the words directly on the paper.
  5. Cut out the shape, fold along the dotted line and stick the front and back together to make a wonder card for your collection.


  1. If you have drawn a picture you will need to digitise it.  Scan the image and save it to disc as a jpeg on your computer.  
  2. If you have taken a photograph with a digital camera send it to your computer.
  3. Make any adjustments you need to make to ensure your picture will fit into the space
  4. Click on “DOWNLOAD” to get a wonder card template. If you have the software you can now proceed to make any adjustments to you image and place it on the from of the wonder card. Save it.
  5. Create your text (see above) and type it directly into the box.
  6. Print your wonder card onto a firm paper.
  7. Cut out the shape, fold in half and stick to pieces together.


  1. You may need to print out a wonder card template and then scan it back into yor computer before you can start to add your image and text.
  2. Then proceed as before.

Will Arthur recognise your wonder point?

Follow this simple test to work out whether Arthur could have seen your wonder point.

  • Use your timeline.
  • Make sure that you have marked the year 1204 on it. 
  • Place a wonder card on the timeline against the year you have recorded in your text.  
  • Does it come before 1204 or after 1204?
  • If it comes before 1204 Arthur could have seen it.
  • If it comes after 1204 he would not.

Test each one of your wonder cards to determine whether you have found anything that Arthur could recognise when he explores your parish.