What is your wonder point telling you? Does it speak to your senses?

  • What is it telling your eyes?
  • What is it telling your fingers?
  • What is it telling your ears?
  • What is it telling your nose?
  • Has it anything else to say?


Don't forget to make notes of what you hear.


Heritage detectives know there are stories in the stones. Sometimes the stones reveal their story, sometimes they need a little help.


If you are lucky you may find somebody who can help them. On other occasions you may have to go home with a whole load of unanswered questions. 


This is when you start to think about what you have discovered. You ponder when you consider all the little details you have found out about a wonder point, remember you are trying to answer the question: "Will Arthur recognise this?"



You deduce when you work out logically whether Arthur could have seen your wonder point.  You need to know the age of your wonder point so its good if you can get a date, even if its an approximate one. Then you need to get out your timeline and work out if it is old enough for Arthur to have any chance of seeing it.


Of course you may need to get some more information before you can do this. This is something you can do when you get back to your base.

You should aim to do your detective work for about six wonder points.

Finish off your research  - get the KNOWLEDGE