September 2021.  

All Go West pilot projects are now complete. All references to Go West on this site and our sister site for Heritage Knights are retrospective and apply to the period 2002-2020; they are part of our history. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to the success of Go West. We have all learned a lot from these projects,  that learning will continue to feed the future work of every Heritage Knight. 


Going forward:

Heritage Knights will continue to discover and share the 'stories from the stones' found in and around the ancient churches of the British countryside.

Heritage Knights will continue to:

  • develop quests for heritage detectives
  • develop a Time Travellers Guide for heritage detectives.
  • maintain a web site for heritage detectives.
  • run an online school for heritage detectives with occasional real time activities in Stoulton and elsewhere.

 Stories from the Stones and the activities of the Heritage Knights and Heritage Detectives are organised by a team of registered volunteers operating out from the historic home of the vicars of Stoulton, opposite the 900 year old Church of St. Edmund, King & Martyr,  in south Worcestershire.