DRAKES BROUGHTON. Explorer's Pack.

Arthur has been reading the Time Traveller’s Guide and he thinks he has discovered something big, something very big.  If he is right he will be able to tell everyone why there were two abbots in Pershore on that day in 1204. He also thinks he knows why they shared Pershore market but he has some questions that still need to be answered.  He and Gruff are on their way to Drakes Broughton to find answers but will he be able to recognise anything and how will he find his way around ? They need your help.


  • Make sure you understand all the instructions.
  • Explore, spot and wonder as you follow the trail.
  • When you spot an image do your detective work.
  • Click on the pictures and buttons to get the knowledge.
  • Work out what Arthur will recognise.  


  • Ponder on what you have discovered.
  • Make wonder cards and answer Arthur’s questions.
  • Complete and return your Report for Arthur.


  • Park your car near The Old Oak public house on Stonebow Road. 
  • Walk up the road towards the junction with Walcot Lane.
  • Turn left and walk along Walcot Lane until you reach the ford. Do NOT cross it, retrace your steps until you reach Shrubbery Road.
  • Turn right into and follow the road past the shops until you reach the junction with Stonebow Road. Make a note of the road names as you pass them, what do they tell you about this place?
  • Turn left back into Stonebow Road and return to your car.


Drakes Boughton wonder point
The Old Oak Public House

Will Arthur recognise this?

Yes or No

Drakes Broughton wonder point.
Shrubbery Lane, Drakes Broughton.

Will Arthur recognise these houses?

Yes or No

Drakes Broughton wonder point
St Barnabas Church.

Will Arthur recognise this church?

Yes or No

Drakes Broughton wonder point
St Barnabas First and Middle School.

Will Arthur recognise this school?

Yes or No

Drakes Broughton wonder point.
Village Fish & Chip Shop

Will Arthur recognise this shop?

Yes or No

Drakes Broughton wonder point
Useful street names

Will Arthur recognise this street name?

Yes or No

A Drakes Broughton wonder point.
Lower Walcot Farm

Will Arthur recognise this farmhouse?

Yes or No


OLD MAPS     Click on the yellow button and scroll around the map.

OLD IMAGES  Click on the  blue button.



Complete and send your report to the Heritage Knights for Arthur.
Place Report Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 46.7 KB


  1. Choose another place from the list and go questing again. 
  2. Or if you are looking for something a little more challenging explore a different part of the same parish. The app will not help you now so before you leave home make sure you have read the instructions for "Explore A Place Near You" on the web site.