ARTHUR'S story.


Arthur de Caldicot was born around 1187.  He grew up on a manor on the borders of England and Wales not far from the River Teme.  He wanted to grow up to be a knight, you can read about his life and exciting times in the books written about him by prize winning author, Kevin Crossley-Holland. 


Arthur is travelling through time to see for himself how things have changed since he visited Worcester Cathedral in the entourage of Sir Roger Mortimer of Wigmore in 1204.  They'd come to witness of the betrothal of the Princess Joan with Llewellyn of Wales.


Arthur has got lots of questions. He remembers visiting Pershore and is sure that he saw two Abbots at Pershore Abbey! Was that possible? Arthur has many questions that need answers, but will he recognise anything when he comes to a place near you? 



Arthur is looking for heritage detectives to help him. Will you help?

If you succeed and send him a report of your findings he may ask you to join his Fellowship of Heritage Knights.


This is Gruff leaving Pershore Abbey with a trunk load of information for Arthur.  He will back with Arthur.
This is Gruff leaving Pershore Abbey with a trunk load of information for Arthur.  He will back with Arthur.




For hundreds of years Arthur's friend, Gruff, has been travelling through time in a big blue time machine looking for information to help answer Arthur's questions.  A few years ago tragedy struck. Gruff was in Norton-juxta-Kempsey looking though all his papers when a gust of wind blew.  Some of the papers were lost, others were in such a muddle that Gruff needed help.


So now Arthur has decided to look come and look for himself. Gruff has warned him that people's lives have changed a lot in the last 800 years and things won't be the same, but Arthur is determined.



Will he be able to find the answers to his questions?  





Find out how to be  heritage detective at The Detectives' School

Heritage detectives leaving Eastham village hall
Heritage detectives off on a quest.


 These children and their parents are off on a quest to find information about where they live.  They have been to the Detective's School and qualified as heritage detectives. They have made their detective's tools and now they are about to head off on a quest.  


What will they discover?  


Will they hear the Stories in the Stones?


Detectives in the countryside
Heritage detectives go exploring