Arthur wants to check out every parish in the Pershore Hundred. He will be coming to a place near you.


Arthur wants you to explore your parish.

  • He wants you to tell him something about your parish today.
  • He would like you to point out six interesting things that he should look out for in your parish.
  • He would like you to tell him what you have found that he might recognise and where he should go to check this out for himself.

Arthur is interested in the years around 1204. He wants to know:

  • What was the name of your parish in 1204?
  • Was your parish part of the Pershore Hundred?
  • Who held the land from the king in your parish?
  • How did the people who lived in your parish earn their living?
  • Where did they go to market?
  • Where was their parish church?

What is your theory?

What do you think happened between 792 and 1066 that made Arthur so excited?

Do you know why there were two abbots in Pershore?

Have you discovered why they shared Pershore market?


Complete a PLACE REPORT and email it to the Heritage Knights so that they can make sure that the information is ready for  Arthur and Gruff when they arrive. 


If they find your report helpful Arthur may invite you to join the Fellowship of Arthur's Heritage Knights and give you the special password to the hidden parts of the Time Traveller's Guide