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What is a detectives quest?

A detective's  quest is a search for information that will help Arthur


Supposing my children choose a wonder point that is not very old? 

Young heritage detectives are naturally curious, as they explore they will home in on anything thing that excites their curiosity. The Heritage Knights call these things "wonder points". ( I wonder if Arthur might recognise this?). You may consider the wonder point unlikely to be old enough to be recognised by Arthur. Please don't dismiss it, do take it seriously,  it doesn't really matter whether it is old enough for Arthur to recognise as long as it is investigated just like any other wonder point. The Heritage Knights have devised a process whereby everyone will discover together whether Arthur will recognise it.  


What sort of place should we explore?

You can explore anywhere you choose but if you are just learning to be heritage detectives we suggest that you pick a place from the list of prepared trails developed during the Pershore Big Heritage Quest. Click on 'Explore with Arthur' and collect the Explorer's Pack for the village of your choice.


How will we know if Arthur will recognise what we see?

In your detectives toolbox you will find instructions on how to 'wonder' and how to make and use 'timelines' and 'wonder cards'.  These tools have been specially developed by the Heritage Knights to help you to complete your task. They enable you to link what you see to what Arthur might be expecting to see. You can learn more about what he might be expecting to see from the information about Arthur's world and from Arthur's own diaries in The Seeing Stone and the rest of the 'Arthur' trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland. The more you know about Arthur's world the easier you will find your task.  The books make good family reading so can be enjoyed and discussed together. The more you enter into the spirit of the activity the more fun you will have. Please note Arthur is a fictional character created by Kevin Crossley-Holland.  The Go West Heritage Knights are grateful to him for his involvement in this project.


What do you mean by 'ponder'.

All we mean is: gather together all you have discovered about a place and think about it.  You may not be confident about your conclusions and that does not matter as long as in your report you couch your conclusions in "We think'  or  "it might be" or something like that.


Where do we find this sort of information?

The Go West Heritage Detectives are developing the Time Traveller's Guide to provide background information that will help heritage detectives in their activities. If, when you look, you find no relevant information we may be able to send you a link to another site but we cannot vouch for what you will find. 


What will happen to our reports?

They will be sent to Arthur of course and we think he may respond!

If you do not find the answer to your question here take a look at the Detective's Hints & Tips and if that does not help please contact us.