To make your timeline to measure time:

Click on the download.

  • Download the template 
  • Print your timeline onto some strong A4 size paper.
  • Cut out the pieces.
  • Stick the pieces together.  
  • Mark the year 1204.

Your timeline is ready to store in your detective's kit.

Download your timeline here.
Make your own timeline.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 457.0 KB


Wonder cards waiting to be cut out, folded and stuck together.
Wonder cards waiting to be cut out, folded and stuck together.


Wonder Cards are little information cards with a picture on the front and some information about the picture on the back.

The illustration shows a completed wonder card template ready to be cut out, folded and glued.


You will make a collection of these interesting information cards (we call them 'wonder cards') as you gather information for Arthur. 

Download the template and use the instructions below to make your  wonder cards.



Dowload your wonder card template here.
Wonder card template .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 651.4 KB



  • Go out exploring and select a wonder point. 
  • Make notes about it, including its location.
  • Make a good drawing or take a photograph to go on the front of the wonder card


  • Find out more about your wonder point, including its age.
  • Ask questions and set about finding answers to those questions. Ask around, go to the library, research online go to the Information Library.
  • Work out what you want to tell people about your wonder point.

When you have all the information you need you can set about making your card. 



  • Download a wonder card template.
  • Make up your wonder card there are several ways to do this. The simplest is to print out a template, draw and stick on your picture and write on the back.  You can do this on a computer but how you actually do this will depend what software package you use.
  • Whatever method you choose you will have to cut out the card and stick the front and back together.


  • Add your wonder card to your collection.
  • Send a digital copy to the Heritage Knights for the web site.
  • Put you wonder card on your timeline.

Now use your timeline to work out Arthur would recognise your wonder point?
Can you use this wonder card to help Arthur find his way around?



 Old photographs illustrate how things change over time.  Heritage detectives use old photographs in view finders to see how places,  buildings and objects change over time.

This type of view finder is available for both portrait and landscape shaped images.
This type of view finder is available for both portrait and landscape shaped images.

We offer three different sorts of view finder. Your choice of which one to use will depend

on the age of your group, your combined computer skills and the number of copies you need.  Each type of view finder does the same job and can be downloaded and printed on to a piece of A4 paper. Whichever you choose  please be aware that all ink jet paper copies are vulnerable in wet weather, you may wish to use some sort of plastic cover.


 You can make a view finder on a computer

Scan the image to make it digital and save it as a jpeg.

Download the viewfinder template

'Place' the image onto the image space and save it

Print the viewfinder.

Cut out the viewing hole

Give the viewfinder to your detectives and have some fun!

Or by hand

Download the template and stick the image, or a copy of it in the space provided.

Cut out the adjacent viewing hole,

Give the viewfinder to you detective and have some fun! 

A clip board view finder.

This is an example of the 'New' View Finder
This is an example of the 'New' View Finder

 This type of view finder is printed onto a sheet of A4 paper.  It is useful if you have several detectives in your group or if you have older children. The same skills are required but the task asks more of the detective because they have to record their findings.  We find that this is very popular with detectives in school years 4 &5  It is also a little cheaper to produce!      


 Make your choice and download the template. Print it on a piece of A4 paper and clip a copy of your photograph or image to the top of the page. Now you can  go out, spot it and discover what is different and what is the same.


Download your view finder here
New View Finder.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 163.1 KB
view finder portrait modified.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 509.2 KB
view finder landscape modified.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 587.5 KB