It is always a good idea to make plans and this is specially important if you are visiting the countryside.  


Check out the weather.  Wet weather can mean slippery footpaths, appropriate footwear and clothing can make such a difference to the wellbeing and temper of your group!


Check out your trail route.

Will the weather or road works affect your route on the day of your visit? Do you know where you will be able to park your car?  What else is there to see and do nearby ? Where can you eat a picnic etc.  


Check out the facilities.  In rural Worcestershire and the borderlands facilities can be few and far between.  The EXPLORE pages of this web site may help you work out where you can find pubs and cafes, buy petrol and find toilets but we must warn you that it will be some time before we can be confident that you will find all the information you need on this site so use the  links to local tourism sites and get their help.


Pack your kit.  Decide what to take and who will carry it, not everybody needs to carry everything.  


Your detective's kit should include:

Your detective IDs, your badges and licences

Your view finders and timelines

Measuring tape and first aid kit

Notebooks and pencils

Cameras, binoculars and magnifying glasses

Snacks and drinks

Wet weather gear;  

Maps, telephones and emergency numbers

Sunglasses, sun cream and sun hats.

Mobile phone for access to the Detective's materials