Arthur's Story.

Arthur, a 13th century knight, has been reading the Time Traveller’s Guide prepared for him by school children from the Pershore area and he thinks he has discovered something big, something really BIG! If he is right he will be able to tell everyone why there were two abbots in Pershore in 1204 and why they shared Pershore market. (click to find out what happened in 1204)   

Arthur still has one or two questions that need answers so he and Gruff are on their way to the Pershore Hundred to check things out.


What will he recognise?

How will he find his way around?  

Where will he find the answers to his questions?

Your Quest

Arthur needs people with curiosity and imagination to help him. 

  • Will you explore a place near you?
  • Will you see if you can find anything he might recognise?
  • Will you make some wonder cards to help him find his way around?
  • Can you answer his questions?

What do you think Arthur has discovered?


What to do

  • Scroll down this page to find the list of places to explore.
  • Choose the place you want to explore and click to open the Explorers’ Pack.
  • Read through all the instructions.
  • Visit the Detective School to find out about detective work.
  • Get ready to quest for the information you will need to complete your Place Report. 

 This web site is mobile friendly so you can take all the information on your tablet or smart phone but you must be sure that you can access the internet where you are going.  If you think this could be a problem you should save the Explorer's Pack and The Knowledge Sheet that goes with it to read offline or download and print it out. The information on the Knowledge Sheet has been extracted from the Time Traveller's Guide.



  • Ponder on the information you have discovered.
  • Make your wonder cards and answer Arthur's questions.
  • Complete and return a 'Place Report' for Arthur.

Choose a place to explore

Click on the place of your choice to open the Explorer's Pack of your choice. Now places will be added so keep returning to check out the latest place to explore.

DeffordDrakes BroughtonEckingtonElmley CastleNorton-juxta-KempseyPershore.


The Heritage Detective's Code 

  1. Always work as a team.
  2. Respect each other's interests and talents.
  3. Always check your information and tools.
  4. Make sure you have adequate battery life in your smart phone.
  5. Make sure someone knows where you are going.
  6. Never depart from a public highway or footpath or public place.
  7. Respect people's privacy.

Next time

  • Choose another place from the list and go questing again. 
  • Or if you are looking for something a little more challenging explore a different part of the same parish or Explore a Place Near You.

About Pershore's Big Heritage Quest

The GoWest would like to thank all the organisations and volunteers involved in the Pershore Big Heritage Quests.  

Particular thanks go the staff and pupils of
Pershore High School. Holy Redeemer R.C. Primary School, Pershore.  St Barnabas Middle School, Drakes Broughton.  Defford First School.  Eckington First School. Elmley Castle First School. Cherry Orchard First School, Pershore. Norton-juxta-Kempsey First School.

Thanks also to Judy Dale and everyone at Pershore Abbey, Robin Sharples, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Eden Ballantyne,  Steve Davies, Richard Williams, Pershore Rotary Club, and  Wychavon District Council.

 'Explore with Arthur'  has been developed with the help of Oliver John and his team from Pershore High School. Photographers. Sophie Attwood, Members of Camerada Club, Peter Walker and numerous volunteers.

'Explore with Arthur' is a 'Stories from the Stones' production for the Pershore Big Heritage Quest. The Heritage Knights are a loose association of volunteers who come together when there is a specific task or activity requiring their skills. Sandy Marchant is the Project's Director.

Everyone who enjoys sharing their love of history and heritage with children is entitled to call themselves a heritage knight!