SKILLS: Get to grips with change

Using a viewfinder.
A viewfinder with image printed on it.

Recognising that things change over time is fundamental to the work of the heritage detective.


Old photographs and drawings can be used to help heritage detectives appreciate just how places and buildings do change.


To your left you can see something we call a 'View Finder'. An old photograph or a drawing (in this case we have used a drawing) has been printed in the box on the left.  The detective has to spot the image today, place themselves as far as possible in a position to view the image as it appears today. Then look through the cut out square at the image.  The idea is that the detective then compares and contrasts what they see .  They work out 'What is different?' and "What is the same?' Images presented this way help young heritage detectives focus on what they can see.  

Take a look at these!

A drawing of Lindridge church.
What is different?
A photograph of Lindridge church
What is the same? Lindridge church today.

To practise this activity.  

Look through your own photographs and choose one that depicts something familiar but was taken a little while ago.  (maybe you have painted the house and the colour of the paint is different, or a relative is a little younger, ora new house has been built over the road and you have a picture of the before situation.