All the information gathered together on these pages has been collected by volunteers who love the area.  As far as we are aware it was accurate at the time that it was collected, but If you are travelling into the area to follow up any lead you find on this site you are advised to make your own checks before setting out. Unfortunately we cannot give you any guarantees


Some years ago now we coined the phrase "wonder as you wander."  When you explore with a sense of wonder you will find things that may encourage you to ask questions and then you will want to find the answers.  We hope that this web site will help you to find the answers to your questions either, directly from this site ,or indirectly, from an external link. Again we must warn you that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of what you find but you will have something to work on as you progress your own discoveries. If you find anything of interest do share your discoveries with us.


Discovery and sharing is what we are all about. Our heritage detective activities and quests have been designed with children and families in mind.   Quest offer opportunities for all age groups with differing interests and abilities to work together but they can just as easily be enjoyed  by individuals. 


Can we ever really understand? Probably not, but the more we find out about the past the more likely we are to move in that direction.  We hope that our activities result in a greater awareness of the past and a better appreciation of how the past can influence the way we build the future.