'Arthur' is Arthur de Caldicot, the fictional hero of the 'Arthur' trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland. 

Arthur was born in 1187. 

Pershore Big Heritage Quest
The author Kevin Crossley-Holland storytelling in Pershore Abbey
  • Arthur grew up on the Manor of Caldicot in the borderlands of England and Wales near Ludlow. 
  • He became squire to Sir Stephen de Holt, they took the cross and became Crusaders.   
  • He was knighted by Count Milon de Provins but he never reached Jerusalem. 
  • After many adventures he returned home and inherited Catmole, a manor on the Welsh border. 


 Arthur was in Worcester Cathedral in 1204 when he overheard some monks talking about two abbots who shared Pershore market.  Arthur thought this a very strange. Why would there be two abbots and what did it mean to share a market?


Arthur made it his quest to find out more about this strange situation and he asked his friend Gruff the troubadour to help.


Gruff has returned to Arthur's manor in the borderlands of England and Wales after an exciting time travelling adventure to 21st century Pershore.  Gruff has given Arthur the Time Traveller's Guide, it is full of information collected for him by the Pershore heritage detectives and he has told Arthur that he actually saw two abbots outside Pershore Abbey. It was in August 1204 and they were  waiting for the arrival of King John. One must have been the Abbot of Pershore but he had no idea about the other one.


Arthur has been reading the Time Traveller's Guide and has discovered something that has made him very excited.  He has developed a theory that what happened to Pershore between 972 and 1066  explains why there were two abbots in Pershore in 1204 and why they shared the market.  Now he must check out his theory to see if he is right. He has decided to time travel to the 21st century and to ask for the help of the heritage detectives.