The Story

Arthur has been reading the Time Traveller’s Guide prepared for him by school children from the Pershore area and he thinks he has discovered something big, something very big.  If he is right Arthur thinks he will be able to tell everyone why there were two abbots in Pershore on that day in 1204. He also thinks he knows why the abbots shared Pershore market but there are still has some questions that need answers so Arthur has decided to time travel into the Pershore Hundred to find the answers but what will he recognise? How will he find his way around?  Where will he find the answers to his questions?

Your Quest

Arthur needs people with curiosity and imagination to help him. 

  • Will you explore a place near you.
  • Will you see if you can find anything he might recognise?
  • Will you make some wonder cards to help him find his way around?
  • Can you answer his questions?

What do you think Arthur has discovered?

What to do.

Click on the links to find out how to do these things.

  1. Check out how to be a heritage detective
  2. Plan a walk around a place near you.
  3. Pack your kit and go exploring.
  4. Explore, spot and wonder 
  5. Find at least 6 wonder points.
  6. Listen, ponder and deduce
  7. Back at base
  8. Get The Knowledge.and ponder 
  9. Make records and notes for each wonder point.
  10. Make wonder cards and use the timeline.
  11. Create story
  12. Complete a 'Place Report' for Arthur.


The Heritage Detectives Code

  1. Always work as a team.
  2. Respect each other's interests and talents.
  3. Always check your information and tools.
  4. Make sure you have adequate battery life in your smart phone.
  5. Make sure someone knows where you are going.
  6. Never depart from a public highway or footpath or public place.
  7. Respect people's privacy.