Heritage detectives out on a quest, following a trail, carrying the tools of their trade. Ready to explore, spot and wonder. What will Arthur recognise? Will he recognise this, or this, or this?


Walk along your trail.  

  •  If you are exploring in a 'Place Near You' this will be the route you planned before you left home.
  • If you are 'Exploring with Arthur'  this will be the preplanned route for the place you are visiting.


Keep asking the questions: Will Arthur recognise this? Will Arthur know about this? Will Arthur have seen this?

  • If you are exploring a 'Place Near You' and you find something you would like to think more about STOP and make it a WONDER POINT.
  •  If you are out 'Exploring with Arthur' and you must find the 'Spot this' images. As you find each one STOP and make it a WONDER POINT
  •  Wherever you are you are, when you find something that interests you STOP  and make it a WONDER POINT.



At each wonder point, start your detective work!  

  • Make a note of where you are.  This will help Arthur find this wonder point.

 Ask yourself some wondering questions - questions like these.

  • I wonder what this is?
  • I wonder how old it is?
  • I wonder what it is made of?
  • I wonder how it is used?

Make careful notes of the answers.

  • Take out your pencil and paper make drawings and sketches.
  • Use your camera to take pictures of your wonder point
  • Use your magnifying glass or binoculars to make sure you have all the information you need. 


Will Arthur recognise this?
Will Arthur recognise this?
Or this?
Or this?
Or this?
Or this?