ST. GILES,  ST MARY & ST JOHN (the evangelist)

Church of England.  Grade 1.  1125. Late Norman.

Little Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 2XD

Once the site of a Benedictine Priory Little Malvern Priory Church is set on the east side of the Malvern Hills and looks out across the Severn Valley towards Bredon Hill and the Cotswolds.  The peacefulness of its setting reflects the wisdom of the monks in choosing the site for a place of prayer and meditation.


The path through the churchyard leads you past a wide variety of wild flowers and towards an ancient building that speaks of the eternal nature of God.

Entering the church is to find yourself in what the Celtic Christians called a “thin place”:  a place of stillness where there seems very little between you and the presence of God.

Look for:


  • East Window  Depicted are the family of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, including the future Edward V, on of the princes in the Tower.  Together with the ‘Royal’ window in Canterbury Cathedral, the Little Malvern glass in the only surviving monumental representation of the key Yorkist personalities in English 15th century history.
  • North Window  There is an ancient tradition linking the church with William Langland.  It is thought that this location was the inspiration of his poem “Piers Ploughman”.  The glass that has recently been added to this window in memory of Marian Tosello reflects this association.
  • Squints  There are two squints that remind us of the time when those who were considered “unclean” were able to watch the celebration of Holy Communion without being in the main body of the church.
  • Monk's Stalls  The remains of the misericords can still be seen although they show the impact of the Reformation in destroying imagery in the church.  Interestingly, the carving of two pigs at a trough seem to have been able to survive the attack.
  • Tiles. There are examples of 14th century tiles in Little Malvern Priory that were made in the Grounds of Great Malvern Priory.