England is rich in its built heritage. The Go West Heritage Knights consider it important to introduce children to this heritage in ways that are exciting and stimulating. 


The activities for heritage detectives presented on this site are fundamental to this approach and we invite you to explore them. They have been developed and tested over a ten year period in conjunction with First and Middle Schools in south and west Worcestershire, a beautiful area in the west of England close to the borderlands of England and Wales. The game 'Play Heritage Detectives' has been developed in this area but the ideas behind it can be adapted to somewhere significant for you.


There are many ways that our materials can be used to fit in with your take on the requirements of the National Curriculum and there will always be many different ways that you can extend their use for your own special topics.  You are today's teachers and leaders. We recognise that each school, and each year group, is unique and that a one size fits all presentation, or 'Teacher's Pack' is not necessarily the best way to share the very valuable material that the Heritage Knights have been collecting. Instead we offer you:

  • The Detective's School.
  • The Detectives Handbook.
  • The Time Traveller's Guide.

We invite you to explore this site and to visit our sister site where we share our story in more detail and where we store materials especially for teachers. If you have specific questions please contact us. If you use our materials we would be grateful for an acknowledgement to recognise all the time and effort that has been put into their creation. Several hundred volunteers have helped create and we will be eternally grateful to them.

Thank you.

The Go West Management Group


Schools taking part in the Go West Teme Valley Project: 2005-2007

Broadwas First School

Martley First School

Lindridge First School

Schools taking part in the Pershore Big Heritage Quest: 2012-2014
Pershore High School
St Barnabas First and Middle School Drakes Broughton
Holy Redeemer RC Primary School Pershore!
Cherry Orchard First School Pershore
Defford First School 
Eckington First School 
Elmley Castle First School
Norton-juxta Kempsey First School 


Our thanks also to the Board of Education in the Diocese of Worcester.

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