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GoWest is a fully constituted unincorporated association of volunteers.  Its roots lie in the Committee for Agriculture and Rural Life in the Diocese of Worcester. Go West was set up in 2001 when the countryside was recovering from Foot and Mouth disease. It set out to use the rich heritage of the church in the countryside in ways that would benefit the rural community and contribute to better understanding between town and country.  In 2005 it was awarded £50K from the National Heritage Lottery Fund for its Stories from the Stones pilot in the Teme Valley.


The Heritage Knights are a loose association of volunteers who come together when there is a specific task or activity requiring their skills. Sandy Marchant is the Project's Director.

'Explore with Arthur' is a 'Stories from the Stones' production for the Pershore Big Heritage Quest. 

The intention is to grow The Time Traveller's Guide, our Gazetteers, Information Library and collection of old photographs and historic maps relating to this area.  We hope that they will become a source of reference for heritage detectives and visitors to this area. Where appropriate we will also create information links to other sites run by different organisations but remember we cannot vouch for the accuracy of their information!


If you discover something you think may be of use to us please contact us.  Similarly contact us if you cannot find the information you are searching for we might still be able to help. Copyright issues mean that we can't always put things online.